Welcome to Dawn's Freedom Circle!
Although you know me as The Food Freedom Coach, unless you've worked with me, you might not know that 90% of what I work on with clients is not about food.

My work is really about helping people love and enjoy who they are right now, by freeing them of disempowering thought patterns and beliefs that keep them in struggle.  Sometimes the struggle is with food, but it's never just about food. Stress, anxiety, work, relationships ... it all comes into play. 

And sometimes the struggle feels hard. It feels daunting. You feel lonely and isolated. You question yourself. I get it. It still happens to me.

But what if you were surrounded by love, support, and other people who have been there or who are also on their own journey to end their struggle?
If you are looking to break free of whatever you're struggling with and be part of a community of people who are also on a journey to do the same, 
I invite you to join my Freedom Circle.
Just imagine...
How helpful would it be if you could...
  • Get answers to questions and challenges that come up in your life from me and other like-minded people
  • Share your ups and downs with people who will not judge, but will encourage and inspire and empower you
  • Schedule a private call with me on an as-needed basis to really dive into what is holding you back
And that’s just the beginning! This is a dynamic program where I’ll be giving you special surprises as we go!
The Freedom Circle is a safe place to share and explore as you create more freedom in your life
How Does It Work?
The Freedom Circle is a monthly subscription that offers two membership levels: Member and VIP.
As a Circle Member ($22 / month), you receive:
1. Membership in the private Facebook group "Dawn's Freedom Circle". The group serves as a safe place where we can interact and support each other.

2. Weekly “Ask Me Anything” threads in the Facebook group. At the beginning of the week, I’ll ask Members to post a question or topic you would like input on, and at the end of the week, I will pick one to address via a scheduled Facebook live. You can join the live discussion or catch the recording.

3. One monthly group playshop. During these playshops, we may focus on a specific topic requested by Circle Members, engage in a group activity, or offer “spotlight” coaching opportunities. Playshops are recorded, and the recordings are made available to Circle Members.

4. Private coaching calls at a special rate. Using a private link only for Circle Members, you can schedule a transformational coaching call at my best available rate of $150.

5. Early access, early bird pricing, and discounts on programs, beta opportunities, and more!

And you know what? I’ll feel free to add to this list, based on our rich conversations and your feedback.
Circle VIP ($159 / month) is for those people who are committed to regular monthly coaching. As a Circle VIP you receive:
1. All the benefits of a Circle Member, plus...
2. One monthly private 60-minute transformational coaching call, included in your monthly fee. Additional coaching calls may be purchased as desired.
I'm Ready to Join!
Frequently Asked Questions
Will my monthly membership ever increase?
No! As long as you remain a member in good standing, you will be locked in at the price you pay when you join, even if the membership price increases.
Can I cancel at anytime?
Of course! Just send an email to dawn@dawnmaclaughlin.com requesting cancellation. Please give at least 3 business days notice prior to your next billing to avoid paying for another month.
What if I'm not on Facebook?
All the Ask Me Anything exchanges, conversations, support from me, and more will take place in the private Facebook group. If you would like to take part, and you don’t currently have a Facebook account, I highly recommend you set one up solely for the purpose of participating in the Circle. You can even create an email address to use with this Facebook account so that you don’t have to use your regular one (and you never need to check it).
I joined as a Circle Member. Can I upgrade to VIP?
You bet! Just send an email to dawn@dawnmaclaughlin.com requesting the change and when you would like the change to be effective, and we’ll make it happen! You’ll get locked in at the current VIP rate.
I’m a VIP Member. Can I change my membership to Circle Member?
Sure! Email me at dawn@dawnmaclaughlin.com requesting the change and when you would like the change to be effective. You will then get locked in at the current Member rate. 
What if I can't attend a group playshop?
An attempt will be made to schedule the playshops when the majority of circle members can attend. However, if you cannot, the playshops will be recorded.
What if I'm a VIP Member and I forget to schedule a monthly call?
If you are a Circle VIP, a monthly private coaching session is included in your membership. It is your responsibility to schedule this session. Your welcome email contains the link to schedule your session, and it’s also posted in the Facebook group (under the Files tab). You can even schedule several months at a time. Unfortunately, if you miss a monthly call, you cannot roll the call into the next month. If you are having difficulty scheduling your monthly call, please contact me!
Still have questions? Email Dawn@DawnMacLaughlin.com
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